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ReSharper PowerToys

ReSharper PowerToys are plug-ins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper.

For more information on ReSharper, please visit ReSharper Home Page

What are they?

The PowerToys are a series of plug-ins developed by JetBrains and with contributions from the developer community. They provide additional functionality to what is already provided in ReSharper. Some of the current features of ReSharper originated as PowerToy plug-ins.

The PowerToys are also a good resource for learning how to create your own plug-in for ReSharper and potentially contribute it back to the community via this project.

Are they free?

Yes. Everything under the PowerToys project is provided for free and Open Source, under the terms of the BSD License.

What do they include?

Currently, the following plug-ins are provided:
  • CyclomaticComplexity PowerToy: Calculates Cyclomatic Complexity
  • ExploreTypeInterface PowerToy: Allows you to explore type interfaces
  • FindText PowerToy: Powerful add-on for Finding Text
  • GenerateDispose PowerToy: Generates a Dispose() method
  • Gist PowerToy: publish code snippets to GitHub Gist 
  • LiveTemplatesMacro PowerToy : Macros for Live Templates
  • MakeMethodGeneric PowerToy: Makes a method generic
  • MenuItem PowerToy: Shows how to work with menu items
  • OptionsPage PowerToy: Shows how to work with options pages
  • ZenCoding PowerToy: ZenCoding for HTML

How do I install them?

There are two ways to install the PowerToys
  • Source Code
  • Binary


Please see the Downloads page to get the latest release

Source Code

To install a plug-in from source code (this applies to any ReSharper plug-in and not only these PowerToys), you need to compile the source code and place the binaries under the %Program Files%\JetBrains\ReSharper\vX.Y\Bin\Plugins folder. If the Plugins folder does not exist, you need to create it. It is considered good practice to place each plug-in in a subfolder of it's own under the Plugins folder.

For example, to install ZenCoding plug-in, compile the ZenCoding.csproj and the resulting output should be placed under %Program Files%\JetBrains\ReSharper\v<r#ver>\Bin\Plugins\ZenCoding.
Note: If you want to install the plug-ins per individual user (not globally for all users), place the plug-ins under the %appdata%\JetBrains\ReSharper\v<r#ver>\vs<vsver>\Plugins folder instead.

How can I contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute to the project. You can write new plug-ins, submit patches, fixes, features or even help with documentation. If you have an existing ReSharper plug-in that you would like for it to be part of the PowerToys, let us know. The source control is set up using Mercurial, allowing you to easily fork the project, play with it and when ready submit a pull request. Find out more about Mercurial here

Other ReSharper Plug-ins

Apart from the PowerToys, there are other ReSharper plug-ins, some of which are hosted on CodePlex.
  • MSpec Test Runner: Integrates support for MSpec (Machine.Specifications) framework into ReSharper unit testing engine.
  • StyleCop for ReSharper: Allows Microsoft StyleCop to be run as you type, generating real-time syntax highlighting of violations and automatic fixing of StyleCop issues during ReSharper Code CleanUp and via Quick Fixes.
  • Agent Johnson: Complements ReSharper with various tools including Smart Generate, value analysis and assertions, 6 refactorings and 17 context actions.
  • Agent Smith: C# code style validation plug-in for ReSharper.
  • Exceptional Plug-in for ReSharper: Helps developers analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them.
  • The Gallio integration plug-in: Hooks into the ReSharper Unit Testing system and provides access to rich, open and extensible automation platform.
  • ActiveMesa R2P: Extends ReSharper with additional quick-fixes, refactorings, inspections and visualizers.
  • Contrib: Runner for xUnit Unit testing framework specifically designed for Test Driven Development on the .NET platform.
  • ReSharper Setting Manager: Adds an extended Resharper settings management and sharing capabilities.

for more information on some of these plug-ins visit the Repository page on JetBrains web site.

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