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Simple debugging

Plugin is built as any other class library project -- you don't need any special steps to create a plugin. However debugging a plugin requires running Visual Studio controlled by debugger. To achieve this, you need to setup startup options for your plugin project. Select "Start external program" in the Debug section of project properties. Specify "devenv.exe" as starting program. Enter the following in the "Command line arguments" text box:
/ReSharper.Plugin "path/to/your/project/bin/debug/PluginName.dll"
If your plugin consists of multiple assemblies, list them separated by semicolons. Similarly, you can load multiply plugins from command line.

You can verify that your plugin is loaded correctly by activating ReSharper/Plugins from main menu and checking if your plugin is listed.

Visual Studio in experimental mode

You may wish to setup Visual Studio in experimental mode using /RootSuffix command line option. For more details see in MSDN library.

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